Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Exam Review Session?

An Exam Review session is exactly what it sounds like–a group learning session which will prepare students for an exam. These sessions are geared toward your specific exam. They cover the material and the types of questions most likely to occur on your exam. Lion Tutors creates an engaging and entertaining learning environment. Going to Lion Tutors will teach you what you need to know and show you how to optimize your time studying it. Each session includes:

  • A 3 – 4 hour tutoring session
  • A comprehensive review guide
  • Practice exams with detailed solutions
  • Access to your tutor through e-mail

I’m a “good student.” Why do I need tutoring?

Tutoring saves you time in studying. Most people do not perform as well as they’d like on exams because they “didn’t have enough time” or “didn’t study the right stuff.” Through meticulous organization and experience our tutors help you in a number of ways:

  • They organize the review to focus on concepts that are most likely to appear on your exam.
  • They work through sample problems that will give you a clearer idea of how material will be presented on your exam.
  • They make sure that you are aware of the most effective way to use the study materials available to you.
  • They conduct review sessions that force you to intently focus on studying your course material for about 4 hours (How often does 4 hours of studying only take 4 hours?)

When you leave a Lion Tutors review session you will have a clear idea of where you are in the studying process and how to get where you want to be by the time of your exam.

How long do sessions last?

Review sessions usually range from 3 – 4 hours with a short break in the middle.

Can I pay with credit card or LionCash?

Yes, we accept cash, all major credit cards, and LionCash.

Can I register for a review session in advance?

No, it is not possible to sign up for reviews sessions in advance. You pay for reviews when you arrive at the LionTutors Review Center. All seats are available on a first come, first serve basis so we recommend that you arrive at least 20 to 30 minutes early to make sure you get a good seat.

Where are the sessions held?

All of our review sessions are held downtown at the LionTutors Review Center at 444 E College Ave. When you arrive, go to suite 340 to check-in.

Where do I go when I arrive at LionTutors?

When you arrive at the LionTutors Review Center, go to suite 340 on the 3rd floor of the building to check-in.

How do I pay for a tutoring session?

You can pay for a tutoring session when you arrive at the tutoring session. We recommend you arrive at least 20 to 30 minutes early for exam review sessions to make sure you get a good seat. All seats are available on a first come, first serve basis.

Are the sessions professor specific?

Yes, each review is written and taught for the professor who is teaching that semester.

Is LionTutors affiliated with Penn State University?

No, LionTutors is a private enterprise that is not affiliated with Penn State University.